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Have you ever seen inside an ant colony?

Our patented formicariums and ant nests maximize the chances to make your ants thrive in optimum conditions. Join thousand of passionate people, teachers, zoos and museums in France and worldwide to unveil the secret organization of ants through crystal-clear glass!

Here is their secret (and ours)

We have studied ants for years and found out they have reached and fantastic level in evolution throughout surprising ways of surviving.

But we realized it is possible to provide them with a healthy medium to live and thrive by creating innovative formicariums, ant nests and habitats.

When using proper materials for a fine management of humidity, bacteria equilibrium and inspiring design, the queen lays eggs, the ants hunt and forage and the colony grows.

We have then become the first company in France to design and patent humidification systems and use the most modern ways to keep ants.

Thousand private and professional customers have successfully used our products so far in the last 10 years.

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Private people for the most part, but many teachers as well. We have supported many cultural projects.

It just takes a couple of minutes per day or week thanks to a well-designed formicarium to store food and humidity for a long time. We select species like Messor which are easy to keep.

All our models are designed to fit almost all European species and adapt to their needs thanks to the mineral flooring which brings a good balance in humidity. We recommend to avoid fully-plastic nests which are often too dry. Our Minora nest is perfect for small colonies, but check out Medium which is a great balance between rooms and foraging arena!

We really like Messor minor because it grows fast, even in winter. It feeds on seeds and is super easy to keep.We sell a lot of Lasius niger which is a decent choice to start but we like larger species. Check their needs in terms of food so you can make your choice depending on how aggressive you want your ants to be!