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Messor cephalotes – Queen with brood

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This is Messor cephalotes:
One of the most beautiful species in Africa thanks to its black colour enhanced with intense red and its exceptional size (sometimes more than 20mm for the queen and 18mm for the major workers).

The colonies of Messor cephalots are easy to breed because this species feeds as easily as our French Messor. Indeed, seeds cover most of its needs, but its aggressiveness and solid appetite also allow it to feed on insects, sometimes even certain sweet liquids.

The observations are particularly pleasant on this favorite species that we offer in ultra-limited quantities.

These queens in the process of being founded have brood (mainly eggs) and melt their colony completely independently, preferably in the dark and at 25°C during the day, 20-24°C at night. Development can take place all year round without wintering.

Example of a colony by a particular breeder (Liber Ants):

The Ant Charter on legislation and ethics:

Ant farming offers this exceptional species from Kenya, a country where there are magnificent species and strict legislation that severely limits animal exports.

Because a large number of exotic species for sale are of fraudulent origin, Fourmiculture only engages and supplies itself with partners who have an export certificate. Ants are also inspected upon entry into the European Union by customs, and avoiding any fraudulent and time-consuming importation for ants.

We import them by express carrier to ensure good transport conditions. Queens are collected during swarming, without destroying nests, and in extremely limited proportions.

Fourmiculture is also a recognized establishment of the French veterinary services, in possession of a certificate of capacity for the breeding and sale of ants, validated by myrmecologists, civil and environmental protection services (decision N°2016195-0002 of the Departmental Directorate of Population Protection).

As a private individual, the breeding of this species does not require any authorisation because it is neither protected, threatened, invasive nor dangerous. However, we remind you that soldiers’ bites can be very painful. Finally, releasing the colony into the wild is prohibited and we take back your colonies for up to 120€.
The Ant Charter on Messor cephalotes:

1/ Health proven by the queen’s laying and the presence of brood during shipment, guaranteed without parasites,
2/ No « boost » (addition of brood or external workers to sell the colonies faster, the queen is raised since the swarming),
3/ Delivery guaranteed in good health: partial refund in case of loss of workers, total in case of loss of the queen (if delivered within 48 hours),
4/ Free breeding guide and health sheet provided,
5/ Colony taken back up to 120€ if you wish to part with it, if the colony is sent back in good health.

The Ant Charter on delivery:

Our experience eliminates almost all transport losses and we use packaging that has been adapted and tested for this purpose. You will be delivered by carrier 24-48h, and a possible loss of the colony during transport would automatically entitle you to a 100% refund.


More information on Messor cephalotes:

– Queen’s size: about 20mm
– Size of the workers: about 3 to 18mm
– Breeding temperature: 25°C during the day, 20-24°C at night
– Winterization: None
– Food: Seeds mostly and insects, ideally Messor Power Mix. Sweetened liquids in some cases. Small fresh insects (crickets size 1 to 2, drosophila, mosquitoes etc.) or dead insects, jellies, meat, etc.
– Moisture requirement: low to medium. Always keep a small part of the rooms wet.
– Monogyne (1 queen per colony)
– Maximum population of the colony: estimated at 10,000 workers.
– Color: Black with a strong red coloration on the head and thorax of the workers and queen.
– Estimated maximum longevity of the queen: 10 to 20 years

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